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So creative!!

--Sue M in WI


--Beverly S in Italy

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Janet Strayer’s breathtaking Wings exhibit sweeps me away into another world of beauty and emotion. Janet transforms her scholarly and artistic background into spectacular images and lasting impressions. I bought Janet’s oil painting of the ancient Chinese yin/yang symbol for a young couple’s first wedding anniversary. It is the perfect symbol for them, which captures opposites energizing one another to provide a loving counterbalance through their lives together. I urge you to explore Janet’s website and visit her gallery.
--Deborah C in Washington state

Wow! What an incredibly awesome piece of work!!! So much detail. How long did it take you to create?

--Lindsay T in U.K.

Fabulous! I love the way your painting tells many stories. And what a great idea for a painting

--Eleanor S in Ireland

Beautiful and dynamic work, as always.

--Jean-François R in BC

Love it... filled with mystery.

--Mary L in BC

Love it... the complexity and interesting objects and design... so very fun

--Sonja K in CA

Visually stimulating and masterful.

--Karen I in MI

It's beautiful, I love it. Gorgeous colours and lots going on

--Chris R in U.K

I was so drawn to Janet Strayer’s painting, “Flight Interrupted,” for it is such a beautiful visual metaphor for how life so often goes--a bird beginning to soar, its flight path blocked in the moment, but still headed upwards. The painting is wonderfully and hauntingly executed, and I will treasure it for many years to come. Janet is an incredibly talented artist, her paintings truly stunning in their range of technique, form, and creativity. I love her work!
--Jane K in Washington state