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So creative!!

--Sue M in WI


--Beverly S in Italy

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Janet Strayer’s breathtaking Wings exhibit sweeps me away into another world of beauty and emotion. Janet transforms her scholarly and artistic background into spectacular images and lasting impressions. I bought Janet’s oil painting of the ancient Chinese yin/yang symbol for a young couple’s first wedding anniversary. It is the perfect symbol for them, which captures opposites energizing one another to provide a loving counterbalance through their lives together. I urge you to explore Janet’s website and visit her gallery.
--Deborah C in Washington state

Wow! What an incredibly awesome piece of work!!! So much detail. How long did it take you to create?

--Lindsay T in U.K.

Beautiful and dynamic work, as always.

--Jean-François R in BC

Fabulous! I love the way your painting tells many stories. And what a great idea for a painting

--Eleanor S in Ireland

Love it... filled with mystery.

--Mary L in BC

Love it... the complexity and interesting objects and design... so very fun

--Sonja K in CA

Visually stimulating and masterful.

--Karen I in MI

It's beautiful, I love it. Gorgeous colours and lots going on

--Chris R in U.K

I was so drawn to Janet Strayer’s painting, “Flight Interrupted,” for it is such a beautiful visual metaphor for how life so often goes--a bird beginning to soar, its flight path blocked in the moment, but still headed upwards. The painting is wonderfully and hauntingly executed, and I will treasure it for many years to come. Janet is an incredibly talented artist, her paintings truly stunning in their range of technique, form, and creativity. I love her work!
--Jane K in Washington state

I read the wonderful review of your show. What I like about your work is that it is so imaginative and versatile – I love all the varied imagery that you integrate...  it’s so evocative – I feel like I can enter... and wander around in it.

--Olga F in Montreal

My wife and I own two works of art by Janet Strayer -- Birdland and Icarus. Both paintings are greatly treasured and occupy places of prominence in our home. With Birdland we were immediately taken in by the playful images and the rich colours ... It brightens our day every time we look at it. Whimsical on first glance, it draws you into the lives of the birds who may or may not be full of the whimsy you first saw.

Beyond having a special connection to the subject, we love the ethereal nature of Icarus. The painting transforms with the changing light of day and, indeed, through the changing light of the seasons. Reacting to the available light, various parts of the canvas seem to come alive, with certain brushstrokes highlighted, while others drift into the background. Depending on the time of day and the quality of light, it seems altogether a different painting. Faces emerge from the painted shadows and colours of the wings and their emotions transition in the passage of light and time. Sometimes the image of Icarus is soaring, sometimes he looks as if he is plummeting to the ocean below.

--M & J Mensink, West Vancouver