Janet Strayer Art Exhibiton at Vancouver Gallery

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About the Art

Sensual-expressive colour and movement mingle with a vibrant imagination to infuse Janet Strayer's paintings with an intelligent vitality.  Her distinctively original paintings expresses moments of insight and change, dynamic connections that resonate beyond initial views. Her  works have won awards, had positive press reviews, been featured in books, media, and are in public and private collections. They have been the focus of solo shows and many juried exhibitions."Making art is an ongoing revelation to me, a most intimate yet inclusive expression of our humanity. I create art to explore and celebrate life in its diversity and wonder. I seek lyrical and dramatic moments of contact between reality and imagination -- the surprises and delights of being alive to inner and outer worlds. I wish for my art to connect with others in ways that enliven the senses, the imagination, and viewers' individual experiences."

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About the Artist  (for Art CV,, Representation, Recent Solos & Awards click here )

Born in Europe, educated in the US and Canada, Janet Strayer has had a life-long commitment  to human development. Painting was not her full-time career until 2002, with her first solo exhibition. She graduated Barnard College, Columbia University, was an international Fulbright Scholar, and pursued a rewarding academic-research career as a published professor of psychology in Canada. She has lived, worked, and travelled in many regions of the world, experiences that, along with her personal and professional background, find their way into her art. Her working studio is on Saturna Island, B.C. She is a published author, has been a featured writer for an art magazine and other publications, and writes online about art, travel, and creative living. See Creative Life blog here. 

To visit her studio on Saturna Island, please contact Janet directly here. 



                               Press Reviews

"A leap of passion .... The pieces in this exhibit are themed around a fascination with flight, discovery and freedom, expressed through vivid colours and playful imagery" (Kristy Dockstader review, The Source, Vol.20:10, 2020)

"Janet Strayer's art illuminates the subtlety of emotion"

(Olga Livshin, newspaper review of  Child Out of Time, 2010 ).

"In her paintings you can find more than beautiful and harmoniously overlapping colors. The paintings provide a distinct/different reality...There is movement and dialogue.  They are not paintings to pass by but invite a critical look and thoughts of dreams and adventures.(Tatiana Oseguera, The Art of Making Art, Sin Fronteras, newspaper review, Nov., 2014 )


 "The logic of dreams is endemic in her work.... These painting, and ..her entire oeuvre re-enchant." ( Jean-François Renaud, curator, Of Fables and Myths, 2015)

"Janet Strayer’s brushwork is animated and free, gesturing with a dynamism... paint is close to living matter. Actualized here is the vital impulse subtending the entirety of Nature and conjuring life forces—a “plane of immanence,” to quote from Gilles Deleuze...Existential vitality is explicitly addressed in a play of pure and multiple affects arising from our experience of these works."(J-F. Renaud, curator, Esprit, 2017)

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