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Beauty • Meaning • Delight

An original abstract painting featuring an orange dot. Created by Janet Strayer a Canadian artist.

Janet Strayer Art exhibits contemporary art connecting our inner and outer worlds. As a fine-arts painter and mixed media artist who values diversity in both art and life, Janet has lived and worked in many parts of the world ... experiences that find their way into her art. She is a published author,, has been a featured writer for an art magazine, and now writes online  (see free Creative LIfe News here) about art, travel, and creative living. Janet Strayer's art is exhibited and collected internationally. Her full-time working art studio is on Saturna Island, B.C

Janet's Store

You can now purchase directly from Janet online. No commission fees or tax. 

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Land-Sea Series

Part of the Land Sea series, Spume is an original painting by Janet Strayer Canadian Artist

Wings Series

Flow Series

Unique painting created as part of the 'wings' series by Janet Strayer Art
Earth Dances with Sea, a distinctive original painting by Janet Strayer

Time Travel

FiguringOutTheUniverse a unique painting by Canadian artist Janet Strayer

Abstract Encounters 

Where waters meet an abstract painting by contemporary artist Janet Strayer

Spirit of Place

ForestGroveMidFinal a painting created by Saturna Island visual artist Janet Strayer


Janet Strayer

Creative Life News is Janet's monthly blog on her adventures in art, travel, and creative living... wherever it takes her! Written with some wit and analysis, it explores cultural ideas and images, along with occasional tips learned along the way.


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