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Welcome to CREATIVE LIFE News: Art, Ideas, Life, and Travels

Who Am I?

Hello. I'd like to introduce myself and tell you why I write this series of on- and off-beat columns. I'm a fine-arts painter, traveller, lifespan developmental psychologist, and published writer who's interested in ideas, world culture, and human interaction. Nowadays, my home and working studio is on Saturna Island, a tiny island in Canada's Salish Sea that connects with the San Juan Islands off Washington State in the US. My life and work here leave me inspired and productive but somewhat isolated. So, meaningful communication becomes even more important now than when I lived and worked in cities.

Why Write or Read Creative Life News?

I write the Creative Life news because life is short and:

  • living a creative life is important, as is nurturing it

  • creative life occurs wherever and whenever you decide to live it

  • it includes sights and insights, ideas and things that catch the eye, open the mind, and engage creative acts

  • what interests me may interest you: my interests are diverse, exploratory, and humane

  • there is so much of quality to see, learn, do, and share

  • it enriches us to do so

  • I like writing with some wit, intelligence, and good humour

  • it can be fun

  • it can offer tips and inspire

What It's About

These illustrated columns are diverse, as perhaps best shown by listing some recent titles:

What Is Creativity and How Does it Work?

What's the Greatest Innovation in History?

The Art of Looking: Taking it SLOW

The Art-Avoidance Syndrome: Why People Hate Art Galleries

Colour Crazy: How Colours Work in Nature, Art, and Culture

Art and Gardening

A Style of One's Own

Creative Tip: Feeling Overwhelmed

Origins of April Fool's Day

Quirky Museums and Outsider Art

How Do You Know You're an Artist?

Issues to come include the explosion of Digital Art into the hi-end art market and the history and controversies surrounding it. Also travel articles, given I'll be living and painting in Europe for several months in 2022, now that Covid travel restrictions are less .

Stay in touch, won't you? .

An Invitation Join Me

I hope you enjoy these columns,. Your comments are welcome after each post. Subscribe to get issues sent directly to you (no spam ever and your privacy is respected) -- just fill out the subscription form at the very bottom of the page.

Here's to enjoying an enriched creative life in whatever ways you do it!


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