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We Might Focus on Anything!

Coming Up: August's post in this column will focus on the disgusting. Why? I prefer the beautiful, like most of us. But that's relative. The idea of what's disgusting, like the idea of what's ugly, is worth considering... as much art throughout history has done. Because not only the beautiful or tasteful merit our attention. Art and human inquiry explore all aspects of experience and expression. Disgusting now even merit its own museum. Located in Malmö, Sweden it challenges the concept of taste quite dramatically by having us eat smelly foods we presume to be disgusting. Skunk too?

A portrait I did some time ago humorously relates to the idea of aversions to disgusting (skunk smell) and acquired taste.

Read more about this and how it relates to art and creative-life in a soon-to-come column, "That's Disgusting."

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