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After the Still Life

I'll keep you posted here with brief notes that, if interested, you can follow up by clicking on janetstrayer.blogspot.com: it's filled with photos of places visited, art, travels, and adventures in creative life.

After the Still Life and Into the Woods we go sounds like a title for a Sondheim musical. It continues to be like living inside a gorgeous painting here in Provence. After completing my set of still life paintings (Provençal Suite1,2,3) , but still possessed by a bit Cézanne's spirit, I turned my canvas to the outdoors. The leaves clinging on the oaks are golden, though they are falling slowly and beautifully to the ground. There's still much green and the hearfbreak-blue skies still cast a lovely light on everything. How can one not be inspired by the vistas here and by the artistic influences that have always flourished in this particular region with its amazing light and colors and joi de vivre.

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