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In the Works: Art in Process

Back in my magical studio on Saturna Island, I'm collecting paintings I've completed for my upcoming show in August. The art in process now involves how best to combine the deliberate shifts that occur in my stylistic perspectives into a consistent presentation of my show theme: Huaca/Spirt of Place. For example, here's a painting called "Singing Rocks" that uses a different color palette and form articulation from the previous painting, "Lac Salagou". Although the various places I've interpreted in these works are different in setting, color, and mood, they all combine, like a harmonic tune (in my reading of them), into an evocation of "spirits of place". This painting is inspired by an expanse of wind-chisled rocks and seashore at Saturna Island: it's a place of passage for Orcas and sometimes you can hear the rocks sing as the wind whistles through them.

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