A New Site for Figurative Art

I've just designed a new (additional) website that focuses only on figurative painting. It's very different from this (my main) site that focuses upon abstract and contemporary landscape paintings. I continue to love figurative painting, as well. Hope you enjoy my new site at https://janetstrayer.wixsite.com/figurative

New Old Work

Pleased to have this work, Lady Cranach Likes Early Modern in exhibit of Federation of Canadian Arists (click for Retro show). It's my take on a bust-portrait by Lucas Cranach that I've appreciated for its outrageous costume and slyness --re-envisioned in this painting with a different face, lower body, and setting. The headress and upper clothing, especially the sleeves, identify her as a Northern Renaissance Cranach -- but the face, setting, an mixed stylistic devices play anachronistically with art history. The intent is to convey, more generally, the convergence of many epochs in painting, which typically builds from the past, acts in the present, and thinks of the future .I really en

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