Island-Hopping Art

Taste both the wine and the art in an exhibition featuring Saturna Island artists at the Sea Star Winery on Pender Island... another gem in the southern Gulf Islands archipelago. My work is included among a selection of paintings, photography, and fabric arts from wonderful Saturna Island resident-artists. I hear the wine is good too!

The Prism Presents New Exhibit

This fine little art spot on Saturna Island presents its final exhibition of the season. The show, Mindscapes:Nature Envisioned, features a collection of inventively bold and colorfully textured paintings of the natural world --- as uniquely imagined. Shown here is The Firmament (alluding to the Genesis narrative of separating the "waters above" from the "waters below"). Show runs until September, 2018.

Saturna Studio Tour 2018

Saturna Island is magical place to visit... and this tour is a very congenial way to meet the creators and see original paintings, fabric art, photography, and ceramics, and woodworking. A showcase of the fine creative artists and the work in their studios on Saturna Island has been a an event for some years now. A fine time to visit if you can make it! I'll be partiipating and we can meet at the PRISM Gallery .

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