The Tree of Life: Marvellous 12th C. Mosaics

The spirited inventiveness and overall sense of design in these 12th C. mosaics is marvellous. The Tree of Life, supported on the backs of two elephants, branches out to depict life in the Middle Ages, religious and mythical figures, across the entire floor of the Otranto Cathedral. I never even knew they existed before I just walked on them! What a treasure. All this glorious looking around keeps me too absorbed to produce any notable artwork myself... just sketches and all sorts of experiments with new materials. You can share in my sights and life in Italy by clicking

A Note from Lecce

Lucky to be exploring Lecce, a beautiful Baroque town, set in the stiletto heel of southern Italy. I photographed the contemporary sculpture, shown in its context, inside the Accademia Belle Arti (unfortunately, I could not find out the artist's name!). More about the wonders of his city (click here).

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