Time Warp and Jet-Lag?

Do birds get jet-lagged? Just after my last exhibit took off, I left Vancouver. So I'm an artist-en-route again, but reeling from it ... now in Puglia, southern Italy. Eager to explore this wonderful area, but time-travel and related jet-lag have warped me out. I'll have to wait until my senses get oriented to being here... not there. Ah, the time-space continuum continues to mystify. It struck me that a painting from my series, The Uncertainties of Time Travel might be just right in this context.

Art & Europe in the New Year 2018

Leaving on Jan.15 for another European adventure in art, food, sights and yes, sounds. Part of this trip will be touring the Balkans with a classical orchestra (my partner plays trombone). I'm not fond of bus travel, but hey, it's an adventure! Good wishes to you wherever your adventures take you! Will keep you posted online. Now -just finishing latest version of Wild Wings before I fly off. WINGS, my show at the Waterfront Theatre Gallery will be running through March, 2018. Hope you get to see it and enjoy some theatre too! Best wishes for the new year.

Wings at the Waterfront

WINGS is a collection of inventively representational and abstract and paintings that opens this January at the Waterfront Theatre Gallery in Vancouver. Birds, winged creatures, flying mythological figures, and evocations of feathers and flight adorn the theatre. Interesting how the modes of visual art and dramatic performance are reciprocally enhanced by this thematic focus upon wings of the imagination. The show runs until the end of March at this great Granville Island location -- a fitting spot beside the water, as seabirds likely wing their way through.

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