Artist-En-Route: Italy

My latest painting and the latest of my series of Artist-En-Route articles for ART AVENUE magazine (Canada) appears this May. It's about art, travel, adventure, and musings of this Canadian painter now living in art-filled Italy. You can read the magazine, if you like, or see the article posted on my blogsite soon.

Where's the Color?

I adore color. Yet these monochromatic little paintings keep nudging the edges of my consciousness, like little fish you hardly notice until they brush beside you swimming in the sea.

Paintings Paint Themselves (almost)!

Pouring fluid acrylics on loose canvas is messy and uses up lots of paint, but it's fun to see and catch the flow you want. Then add more deliberate touches, if you like. Click for more.

Good Day's Travel

That's the title of this just finished painting. I've been travelling a lot lately, trying to appreciate as much as I can of this land. Happy trails to you, too.

Doing Doggerland

A new series of fanciful paintings on paper I'm doing is taking a strange direction to Doggerland, a distant ancestral homeland that fell way beneath the North Sea eons ago. Click for more.

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