In the Works: New Solo Show

I feel honored to be having this solo exhibition of my paintings, sponsored by the North Vancouver Arts Council. To read more about the concept behind Huaca:Spirit of Place , please click here. To see more paintings in the show, please click here

In the Works: Art in Process

Back in my magical studio on Saturna Island, I'm collecting paintings I've completed for my upcoming show in August. The art in process now involves how best to combine the deliberate shifts that occur in my stylistic perspectives into a consistent presentation of my show theme: Huaca/Spirt of Place. For example, here's a painting called "Singing Rocks" that uses a different color palette and form articulation from the previous painting, "Lac Salagou". Although the various places I've interpreted in these works are different in setting, color, and mood, they all combine, like a harmonic tune (in my reading of them), into an evocation of "spirits of place". This painting is inspired by an

In the Works: Art in Process

Right now I'm preparing the near-final output for my upcoming solo show: HUACA/SPIRIT of PLACE. It's opening on Aug. 8, 2015, sponsored by the North Vancouver Arts Council. It seems as much contingent planning and related work needs to be done for the public show of work as does the actual final painting wrap-up. As if a painting (of mine anyway) is ever finished. There's the organization, contextual consideration of works in the gallery space, public and private invitations, reception notices, etc. Even with a full-time curator aboard, it's much to do. I'm not complaining, mind you! This painting, "Lac Salagou" was inspired by an unusual lake in southern France, set in rocky terrain with

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